Cookies Policy

How we use Cookies:

At Chic Decor, we understand the importance of privacy; that’s why we only use cookies to collect data that helps us tailor our website to a user’s requirements, thereby improving user experience. Briefly, a cookie is a small file that allows web applications to respond to the user as an individual. Cookies do NOT store sensitive and personal information, such as name, address, or credit card details. Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically. However, users can customize browser settings to decline cookies. While it is true that some browsers do not support cookies, we are keen on offering comprehensive support for cookie-disabled shopping.

What we do not use cookies for:

Collecting personal information (without authorization) Collecting any sensitive information (without your approval) Transferring personally identifiable data to a third party When you accept our cookies, you open the door for us to provide you with quality services. To learn more about our cookies policy, kindly read the details below.

Permitting us to use cookies:
If you set your browser to “accept cookies,” we would assume that you consent to the use of our cookies to serve you better and give you enhanced user experience. If you wish to discontinue our cookies, the description below will guide you. However, you would not enjoy the full benefits of using cookies.

We use cookies to:

Make our shopping basket and checkout active. Determine whether you are logged in or not. Remember your search settings and, verify if you have accepted our terms and conditions. Allow you add comments to our site. See how you interact with our website to help us improve.

Advertise Cookies:

Track your recently viewed items, understand purchase history, Market products based on your preferences Cookies are widely used in online advertising. Neither advertisers nor we have the authorization to access personal information from our cookies. Opting out of advert cookies does not imply that you will not get adverts pop-ups. Instead, you will not get tailored adverts. When surfing the internet, you may have observed that after visiting a website, you get more adverts during a second attempt than the first visit. It is what advertisers do, including us. We achieve this with the utilization of cookies, which we term “remarketing cookies.” With such adverts, we offer you exclusive deals to make you a long-lasting customer.

Affiliate Cookies:

We have a chain of supporting partners who promote our brand, our product, and services. Cookies, being provided by specialist companies (affiliate networks), helps us to reward our official partners. Neither our official partners nor we have the authorization of viewing your personal/confidential information.

Google’s Cookies:

Users may opt-out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting the Google advertising “opt-out” page.

Turning off Cookies:

Your browser settings have an option for turning it on and off. You are to “accept” to “disallow.” However, by selecting the “disallow” option, our services become limited, considering that many popular websites use cookies to enhance user experience.

While you may assume that cookies relate to “spyware,” you are not incorrect. Instead of disabling cookies in your browser, you could activate anti-spyware, which also does a similar job; by automatically deleting cookies that are invasive and harmful.